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Leading the way in Medical and PPE supply

Nemvelo Healthcare. A leading Medical and PPE supply company. Registered with the MCC as well as National treasury. Understanding supplier need and culture fit, our initial focus has been on the Independent Hospitals Market and Food Industry. We have since extended out into the State Sector

Nemvelo Healthcare. Our quality standards exceed some of the strictest in the industry in most manufacturing and safety regulations.


"Service is Our Most Important Product"

Ansell Gloves

For over 100 years, our glove supplier has been recognized for continually innovating and leading the hand protection, protective clothing and boot industries - delivering user-driven performance you won’t see from anyone else.

No single material can resist all dangerous chemicals, and exposure can happen in different ways; splash or immersion. Selecting the right chemical protection requires an understanding of the work environment and regulations governing the chemicals used. Each protective product reflects materials choices, construction decisions and manufacturing detail

Product Range Nemvelo Healthcare

Gloves, Eye Protection and other PPE Wear | Product Range

Gloves Product Range | Nemvelo Healthcare

Gloves & Eye Wear

Dental, Examination & Surgical Gloves | Ansell Eye Wear


Ansell Range
Ansell Gloves
Branson Detergent Product Range | Nemvelo Healthcare


Branson Detergents dedicated to hygiene


Branson Range
Branson Detergents
Gumboots PPE Products Range | Nemvelo Healthcare


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Markers & Masks | Nemvelo Healthcare

Skin Markers & Masks

Skin Markers & Masks | Sandel Range


Sandel Range
Needles & Syringes | Nemvelo Healthcare

Needles & Syringes

Needles & Syringes | Sandel Range


Needles & Syringes

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